Agenda for noon discussion

Organizational Vision for ORMA National OR maintains a database that contains contact information for 30,000 people who are “members” of ORMA.  National OR defines members as all people who interacted in a positive manner with OR.  This includes people who merely opened emails and others who attend affiliate meetings regularly.   … Continue reading

Agenda for 2020 General Assembly

ORMA May 30, 2020 General Assembly – AGENDA  10:00  Welcome to the General Assembly.  What to expect today  10:10  Review ORMA successes   10:20  Hear from endorsed candidates 10:30  Breakout groups – Discussion of ORMA Priorities 11:15  Break 11:30  Report back from breakout groups.    12:00P  Group discussion:  What could ORMA do… Continue reading

Press Release: Bernie 2020

For Immediate Release February 21st,  2019 Contact: 413-210-5276 BOSTON, Massachusetts Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) was very pleased to hear the news this week that Senator Sanders will be a candidate for President in 2020. After he said he would only run if he believed he had strong grassroots support,… Continue reading