ORMA’s Biden Statement

The 2020 presidential election is possibly the most important election in the history of our nation. Trump’s reelection would mean another four years of devastating setbacks on too many fronts to count.

ORMA was founded on a set of principles and priorities that reflect those of our endorsed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders endorsed Biden the week after Sanders ended his own presidential run and he continues to do so. Biden has responded by saying, “I’m going to need you, Bernie, not just to win but to govern.” We can help Biden be elected President and then influence the way he goes about doing things thereafter. Post-election, the fight for our priorities will continue, and a President Biden would be much more likely to support them than Trump, who so clearly does not.

Bernie Sanders is a leader in the effort to unite to defeat Trump. In addition to voting for all the down ballot candidates OR and ORMA have endorsed and for other candidates who align with Our Revolution’s priorities and values, casting your vote for Biden will help deliver a resounding defeat to Trump.

Biden’s pledges and rhetoric on the issues we care about are steps in the right direction, as reflected in the Biden-Sanders task force recommendations. Clearly, we must continue to do everything we can to push Biden on our priorities leading up to election day and after he is elected. Our chances for moving our ORMA priorities forward increase under a President Biden, whose campaign promises could make him the most progressive president in modern American history. We will not stop advocating, arguing, and standing up for our priorities; they are popular with a large segment of American society and a President Biden will be far more easily pushed towards them than an emboldened President Trump. But make no mistake – without a Biden victory in November, that “push” will have no meaning.

For those who want to help support Biden’s efforts to defeat Trump, or to help support the candidates ORMA has officially endorsed, please visit www.togetherfor2020.org, or visit the progressive group Rootsaction.org website to see their call to vote for Biden, with a focus on swing states.

Remember, when we fight we win!

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