ORMA members voted by a majority of 78% to endorse Senator Sanders for President of the United States. Visit Bernie’s About page (with a great video reviewing his long history of working for the good of all people) and his Issues page to understand ORMA’s enthusiastic support. And here’s how to get involved with the campaign. Scroll down for more about Bernie!

ORMA urges our brothers and sisters in the remaining primary states to be involved, most of all in getting out the message and the vote. We must keep working for Bernie to get him as much support as possible since we do not know what will happen between now and the end of the Convention in Milwaukee.

Senator Sanders has pledged unequivocally to support his opponent if he himself loses the nomination.

Bernie addresses the Nation: 3/12/20: on the Health and Economic Crisis; and 3/17/20: on Coronavirus Response

Noam Chomsky speaks about the Bernie campaign and the obstacles standing in its way. “It’s because he has inspired a mass popular movement which doesn’t just show up every four years to push a button but is acting constantly — pressuring — to achieve changes and having some success. That’s frightening for the business class.”

USA Today reports that over 10,000 turned out for Bernie’s Boston Rally. Here’s video (Bela Fleck begins at about 22 min, introductions begin about 33 min, and Bernie begins speaking at about 1:17).

Image: "They go low, we go door to door"

The articles and videos below offer more information about Senator Bernie Sanders, and this Campaign advertisement really speaks to us!

Image: Kickoff of Holyoke's new Bernie office

Photo of the Holyoke kick-off Feb. 24th with Massachusetts Co-Chairs for Sanders State Representatives Lindsay Sabadosa and Paul Mark, MA Field Director Daniel Ezra Moraff, ice cream gurus Ben & Jerry, Nancy Stenberg, Karen Lee, lots of Berners and (photo credit) MA Political Director Trip Yang. Please note that the Holyoke office is at 59 Cherry Street.

News Flash! Sightings of Bernie – almost Santa Claus-like – have been reported throughout the nation. The man is phenomenal. He seems tireless. Jewish grandmothers everywhere worry about him. Even here in Salem, MA, two separate upstanding, rational ORMA-ites reported sightings and offered this alleged photographic evidence as proof. You decide. Was Bernie in Salem? And what of his spirit doth elsewhere dwell? Boston? Springfield?

Salem resident Kathy Lique with life-size Bernie puppet made by Linda Weltner and Salem resident Richard Stafford with life-size Bernie puppet made by Sue Kirby.

Heating, a poem about Bernie Sanders, written by Our Revolution’s Donald Green, ORMA’s former bylaws chair:

Each to their own, too quickly decided,
shadowed knowing, or not knowing blind sided.

Here’s the story, followed birth to present day,
a person motivated to find the better way.

Immigrant’s son, struggling witness to Founders’ promise,
shows the righting path, overriding any Doubting Thomas.

Cutting his teeth, embodying civil rights,
letting no one deny fairness without a fight.

Beyond college years, dabbling in trades, lived in a kibbutz,
formalizing consistent views that respect everyone’s roots.

Pushing forward, elected Burlington’s top Exec,
Ten vote margin made him town’s pick.

Wins over every sector, bringing folks together.
Dismissing notions we are not sister and brother.

America’s best mayor, for reversing town’s decline,
fought oligarchic power saying that’s yours, this is mine.

Living together saying what’s in the balance,
we must not waste American’s energy and talent.

As Rep and Senator from the Green Mountain State,
impressively, most passed amendments on his plate.

Seeks the highest office as bold defender
of justice, decent living, an American agenda.

Not able to erase his humanity or legislative work,
rivals turn to ad hominem attack, calling him a jerk.

He’s a socialist they cry, calling for health care for all,
forgetting identical established services, any can recall.

Win or lose, he brings his “A” game to overfilled race.
His age mentioned, but few keep up his pace.

Bold change in the air, feared by retro lovers,
while Bernie a better nation uncovers.