Transition Team Member Perspectives

This article (and it’s companion, Post-Launch Trajectory) is dedicated to informing ORMA supporters who are not on the Transition Team (and there are thousands across Massachusetts) who want to stay engaged in the process of forming a new ORMA.  Here, ORMA”s star reporter and press liaison Andrea Burns interviews four… Continue reading

Transition Team: Post-Launch Trajectory

Having rocketed skyward from the Masonic Lodge in Shrewsbury on July 29t, the ORMA Transition Team (TT) is in stationary orbit around planet ORMA 1.  Its Coordinating Committee is dedicated to piloting the new team through time-sensitive tasks critical to creating ORMA 2 and making it fit for human habitation…. Continue reading

Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) Launches fundraising campaign

Campaigns End – Successful Revolutions Endure – With your Help! In 2016, following Bernie Sanders’ call for the creation of Our Revolution (OR) to continue the “Political Revolution”, Sanders delegates, campaign staffers, and volunteers joined with other social justice and peace activists to create Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA). Your hard work… Continue reading

* NEW* All Volunteer Action proposes to develop a state wide volunteer network

All Volunteer Action  is an Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) statewide initiative to coordinate actions, signature gathering, phone banks, canvassing and more in support of our endorsed candidates and ballot petitions.  ORMA recently endorsed several candidates and ballot initiatives that will need “boots on the ground” and powered by the People…. Continue reading

Our Revolution Massachusetts Endorses Safe Patient Limits 2018 Ballot Initiative  

For Immediate Release: August 21st, 2017 Contact: Andrea Burns (413) 210-5276         Our Revolution Massachusetts Endorses Safe Patient Limits 2018 Ballot Initiative   Massachusetts– Evidence is overwhelming that safe patient limits save lives. However, outside of intensive care units, there is no law in Massachusetts limiting the number of patients assigned to a… Continue reading

Our Revolution Endorses Paul Feeney for Massachusetts State Senate

Paul Feeney in Boston during a visit from Senator Sanders, March 2017 MASSACHUSETTS— Our Revolution National endorsed union member and workers’ rights organizer Paul Feeney for Massachusetts in a Special Election this year for State Senate, Bristol and Norfolk District. Our Revolution Massachusetts (ORMA) is supporting Paul’s campaign efforts. A… Continue reading